Based in Leeds, easily accessible via M1 & M62 motorways Find us Unit 16/17, Millshaw Park Avenue, Millshaw Park Industrial Estate, Leeds LS11 OLR
Over 50 years of collective experience in Machinery Sales and Finishing Services

Print Finishing

RJB PAC Ltd is a Finishing solution provider dedicated to offering a single source for all finishing needs with a priority on earning and maintaining our customer trust.

Keys to Success

  1. Hard work.
  2. Honesty.
  3. Reliability.
  4. Quality.

Our Leeds site is used for production and has been designed to meet our customer’s hygiene and quality standards. Ours finishing services include:


We use Sanwa TRP 1060 SE machines for die-cutting, kiss cutting & embossing.


We have three gluing machines,a Jagenberg 105 gluing line and 2 International Speed Queens that can produce straight-line, crash lock, wallets, taper cartons and numerous bespoke designs in carton board as well as fluted material

Window Patching

Our window patchers are Kohmann 710’s that can run any style of carton on carton board or fluted material.

Our strategy is to offer an unusually high level of service while aggressively maintaining and pursuing customer relationships. Organized, regimented and sustained contact will facilitate ongoing opportunities. Our service strategy is three fold:

  1. Our business premise is one of reducing customer action. They send us a job and can sit back with confidence while knowing there jobs in safe and capable hands.
  2. We manage our time wisely. Each project has a realistic due date which allows us to manage and produce a job while meeting and exceeding our deadlines consistently. Although we build in sufficient time for any issues that might arise, we typically offer timelines that are far shorter that the industry standard. This is possible through our regular contact with our customers and, therefore, our knowledge of their upcoming needs to eliminate the “crisis management” that is so prevalent in the quick-print industry.
  3. Each project is handled with care. We manage each step of the process to insure that the job is moving within our timeline and meeting or exceeding our expectations. We take great pride in presenting a perfect finished product to a satisfied customer.

Contact is the key to service. Sales is not only closing the order, but is customer service, knowing the customer, making sure that the customer feels like they are our most important client.

Our strongest advantages are our 50 Years experience within the industry. Our focus on customer service is our foundation. The goal is to convince our customers who are willing to try someone else into using just RJB PAC Ltd.

Company Summary

RJB PAC Ltd is a trade print finishers that fills a gap in the carton industry, we provide a valuable

service for our customers by giving them extra capacity and skill within there finishing departments.